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Simply Applied Prepares to Launch Sign Beta

June 14, 2010

Simply Applied is happy to announce that its gesture-based contact system, Sign, has reached pre-production status and is being finalized for external beta testing.

What is Sign?

Sign is an innovative way to contact your closest friends and family directly from your home screen. Sure, there are other “speed dial” applications available, but the key element that makes these speed dial applications fast is the same thing that makes them ineffective – they are located directly on the home screen and it is too easy to inadvertently call someone without meaning to. Then you’re left scrambling to end the call if you even notice your phone is dialing someone.

Sign is a gesture-based widget which allows you to quickly call or text the people you contact most often, directly from the home screen, without worrying about accidentally calling somebody just because you inadvertently bump your phone’s screen. Sign is still extremely fast, easy to use, and best of all, you decide how to activate a text or phone call. Simply assign a gesture to any contact. To make a call or text, all you have to do is activate the widget and Sign, right from your home screen. Simple and secure.

Based on Google’s Gesture API, Sign uses gestures to initiate phone calls and/or texts to your favorite people quickly and easily. We have improved on Google’s gesture recognition engine to provide a more accurate, consistent, and reliable system to recognize the gestures that you assign to your contacts. Numbers, letters, symbols, your choice. What’s your Sign?


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