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Simply Applied’s Flagship Mobile App – Sign – Now Available on Android Market

July 7, 2010

On July 6, 2010, Simply Applied launched its first mobile app, Sign, a gesture-based speed dial and text application. A free lite version provides all functionality with the exception that you can only assign 3 gestures. A full version allows unlimited gesture assignments and is available on the market for $1.99.

Sign is a unique, gesture based speed dialer for Android which lets you call or text your friends by simply drawing a gesture (signing) directly from your home screen.

Unlike other speed dial options such as direct dial icons or quick dial widgets, you don’t have to worry about accidentally calling somebody just because you inadvertently bump your phone’s screen. Sign is still extremely fast, fun, easy to use, and best of all, you decide how to activate a text or phone call. Simply assign a gesture to any contact. To make a call or text, all you have to do is activate the widget and Sign right from your home screen. Simple and secure, it’s easy to use without even looking at your phone to find contacts or phone numbers.

We developed an enhanced recognition engine to provide a more accurate, consistent, and reliable system to recognize the gestures you assign to your contacts. Sign lets you assign single OR multi-stroke “Signs” to the people you call or text most often.

Watch a quick demonstration of how to setup and use Sign here:

Link directly to the market using these QR codes from your phone:

The full version ($1.99) has unlimited Signs:

QR Code for Sign Full

The free version, Sign Lite, has a limit of 3 Signs:

Sign Lite, Free on the Android Market

Please provide feedback, positive or negative, to Thanks!

Additional screenshots:

Sign Screenshot 1 Sign Screenshot 3 Sign Screenshot 4 Sign Screenshot 5


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  1. Ahmed permalink

    i just buy the full version of this product i like this idea, but i face a small problem
    when i open the application and trying to add a contact just a blank screen appear nothing more,is it bug or what?
    my mobile is Nexus One Froyo FRF91

  2. Ahmed, there is a known issue with phones that are not synced with Google contacts, such as phones synced to Exchange Server ActiveSync (EAS). We are working to resolve this issue. In the meantime, it is possible to sync your contacts with Google and have the contacts show up in Sign. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. barry permalink

    I downloaded appto myEvo phone but the widgit doesn’t appearinmy widgit list

    • Barry:

      Thanks for your interest in Sign. We sent you an email last night and again this morning regarding this issue. We are happy to help you resolve this problem; however, we need additional information from you as discussed in these e-mails to effectively resolve the issue. Many people with EVO’s have downloaded and are using Sign, so we are not aware of any widespread issue that would be causing your issue. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could provide additional information to us. Thanks again, we look forward to fixing the issue for you.

  4. sanjay permalink

    As advised by u I added the desired contact in google account & sync was done . The contact appeared in list also but on searching in sign it was not there .I am using Samsung Galaxy S.Also using the trial version at +nt .I liked this too much & surely will have it on my phone.

    • Sanjay:

      Thanks for testing out the beta version with the EAS syncing on the Galaxy S. We were happy to hear that it is working for you. We will let you know once the programmer has finished optimizing the code so it is running more efficiently.

  5. J. A. Webster permalink

    Downloaded the free version…great app and I would love to purchase, but I only use PayPal for any online purchases. Is there a way to pay for your app through PayPal?

    • J.A. – We have sent you a request through Paypal for the full version of Sign. We will send you the APK and instructions for installation after receiving payment. Thanks! Let us know if you have any other comments – we love to hear back from our users.

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