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After a week

July 13, 2010

First, a huge thanks to everyone who has downloaded and tried Sign and Sign Lite. We appreciate you giving our app a chance and we look forward to improving it in the future. Our primary goal at this time remains updating Sign so that it syncs with non-Google contact lists, and we hope to have that issue resolved within the next couple weeks. The programmer is working hard to implement a solution and we will keep everyone updated on our progress.

A special thanks to those people who have sent in their issues which gives us a heads up of problems so we can fix those as soon as possible. This was critical in catching the error on Monday morning as we were able to issue an update before most people even woke up. Also, we greatly appreciate everyone who has provided suggestions or comments as to how to improve Sign. We talk all of these suggestions seriously and evaluate them. Obviously we are not going to be able to include all of them in Sign, but we will do our best to increase the functionality for the greatest amount of people, while remaining careful not to include so many features that the user interface is no longer simple to use and extremely fast.

We wanted to post our progress a week after our release of Sign and continue to update this as we go along. For those that aren’t familiar with Simply Applied, which is pretty much everyone but the three of us who started the company and our families, Sign is our first application. We have numerous others in the pipeline, but on Tuesday morning at about 3am CST, we released Sign into the wild. We had a first sale within minutes (me).

However, in the last week, we have sold over 100 full versions of Sign and had almost 1,000 downloads of the free version. Most of the reviews have been positive, and we’d love to help those who have posted bad reviews, unfortunately we can’t really respond to issues posted in the comments sections without additional information. So as a PSA for anyone reading this, if you have an issue with ANY app, not just our apps, contact the developer first to see if they can resolve the issue. I would bet that a large majority of developers will try to respond quickly to solve your issue.

Nevertheless, from the response we’ve received from those who have contacted us with their issues, they seem to be generally happy with our response and willingness to solve their specific issue. Customer Service is a huge priority for us and while we can’t promise that we will be able to fix every single problem that occurs, we will make every effort to do so.

Some other quick stats.

On July 9, 2010, we had our highest number of hits on this site in a single day – 305
We’ve had over 600 visitors to this site in the last week
Our Youtube video for Sign has over 830 views

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by or tried out Sign or Sign Lite. We hope as we fix the non-google contact list issue as well as implement some new features in upcoming updates, these numbers will continue to grow. We are gathering some of the comments we’ve received about Sign and will post those later today or tomorrow. The response has really been great!

As always, if you have any issues, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email.

Simply Applied


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