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Sign version 1.03

July 29, 2010

Simply Applied has released its first major update to Sign. Here’s what changed:

Fixed EAS/3rd Party Contact Syncing
The primary purpose of the update was to make Sign sync with Exchange Active Sync (EAS)/3rd Party contacts. Previously Sign only synced with Google account contacts.

Added User Option to Select Call or Text as Default Action
This feature, which is included in the settings, allows the user to select the default action when they open Sign – either Call or Text. This should to reduce the amount of times the user has to switch between call or text, especially for people who are heavy texters. The previous default was for Sign to call the contact.

Sign Works as an App, Can be Added to Docks
Another major feature which was added was to make Sign work as an app and as a widget. Sign was previously only available as a widget to emphasize the user interaction with the homescreen instead of “opening” an app. The main reason for changing this functionality was to allow users who use alt-homes/launchers which include docks such as Launcher Pro/ADW Launcher to add Sign to their docks.

Defaults to Company Name if No First/Last Name
A final feature that is included in this update is in the earlier version, contacts which included a phone number, but not a first/last name would not show up in the contact list. With the update, if the contact does not include a first/last name, but does include a company name, Sign automatically pulls the company name displays it in the contact list along with the phone number.

Minor UI/Graphics Tweaks
Finally, we included some other minor changes to the UI.

We are excited about this update and would love to hear your comments and suggestions for future updates.




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