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CritiCall Available in the Market

February 26, 2011

Never miss an important phone call because your volume is turned down!

Our second application, CritiCall, is now available in the Android Market!

CritiCall is designed to allow your phone to ring when you get calls from set contacts, even when your phone is set to silent.

Using CritiCall, you can select any contact as a “critical” contact and your phone will always ring when you receive a call from that person. Easy to turn off when you CAN’T get calls, and includes a customizable auto-resume feature.

Great if you have kids or if you provide professional services and can’t afford to miss calls from important clients.

Features include:

  • Phone rings when critical contacts call you – even when set to silent/vibrate!
  • Set as many “critical” contacts as you want
  • Set custom times for each Critical Contact
  • Groups
    • Unlimited number of groups (friends, family, work, clients, etc)
    • Unlimited number of contacts within each group
    • Custom settings for the entire group change the settings for all contacts in the group
  • Quick and easy to turn off if you CAN’T have your phone ring
  • Adjustable Auto-resume so you never miss a call
  • Auto-resume override if you don’t want CritiCall to Auto-resume
  • Volume control
  • Customizable defaults to see the information you want to see quickly

There’s a free trial version which is fully functional, but which expires after CritiCall overrides the phone’s volume settings 5 times. The full version is $0.99.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

CritiCall Trial Version

Full Version ($0.99)

Some screenshots


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