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Update to CritiCall

May 9, 2011

The most recent version of CritiCall (1.6) fixes some known bugs which prevented the volume override feature to work properly on some phones. It also adds some minor graphics tweaks. We are currently working on an update which will add in the ability to have CritiCall work for SMS Texts and to include an on/off widget.

Please let us know if you have any issues with this most recent update or if you have any other comments or suggestions.




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  1. BobT permalink

    Do you plan on making further updates to Criticall? While it seems to work as designed, it is not currently compatible with qHD screens. On my Motorola Atrix, the app only fills 2/3 of the screen, which make it a little awkward to operate.

    Googling about this issue, I found this example and information, which looks like it may be applicable:

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Bob:

      Yes, thank you very much for the information regarding the qHD screens. This is something we recently became aware of and our programmer is looking into it now. We will be updating CritiCall so that the graphics are compatible with all devices, including those with qHD screens, in the near future. Keep an eye out for the upcoming update.


    • Bob:

      If you’re interested, we have implemented a fix to the resolution problem and would like to see if it fixes the problem on your phone. Please let us know and we’ll send you the APK to test out.

      Thanks again!


      • BobT permalink

        Sure, I would happy to test the updated apk.

  2. Email sent, thanks for helping us out!

  3. Fred permalink

    CritiCall is a great app. But It needs to ability to set up times when it kicks on and off. For example, it ONLY runs at a specified time 10pm-8am for example. Otherwise, you are constantly manually toggling it on/off for a set time (a good feature but not as good as scheduling). There is a high likelihood you forget and it goes off (in court, in my case). I’d love to see a scheduling feature.

    • Fred:

      Thanks for the comments. If you longpress on a critical contact it will take you to the custom settings which will allow you to customize the times that it runs for each specific contact. Or you can longpress on a group name and change the times/settings for the entire group. I like the idea of having that scheduling option available for CritiCall as a whole.

      Thank you for the feedback, please let us know if you have any other questions or requests!

      Simply Applied

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