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Update to Sign

May 9, 2011

The most recent update to Sign (2.3.5) adds the option for haptic feedback (vibration) for successful/unsuccessful Signs. This option can be activated in the Settings. We are continuing to work on additional features and improvements, so keep an eye out for future updates.

If you have any questions or experience any issues with this most recent update, please let us know.




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  1. Banke permalink

    I wonder if it’s possible to call a contact if I don’t have a gesture connected to it? I don’t see the point of have all my contacts connected with a gesture but I still want to use the telephone book. I have only tried the sign lite yet but if the answer is yes sign pro is definitely my next purchase.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the comment. Currently Sign is only designed to work as a speed dial application for the contacts you call/text most often. We have actually discussed making Sign a more complete Dialer with the ability to enter numbers/search for contacts to dial directly while maintaining the gesture based speed dial. We’re currently working on a few updates which will increase the recognition accuracy, allow the Sign to dictate whether it makes a call or text, and also allowing Sign to open other applications/shortcuts.

      Thanks for the feedback, we are evaluating the best way to make Sign a more complete dialer replacement in the future. User feedback plays a big part in our planning for updates so please keep sending us your comments and suggestions.


  2. Jieffe permalink

    I see in “All Contacts” my name (first and last) with my old phone number. This number is not present in my Gmail contacts list.
    Where Sign found this contact? Thanks.

    • Sign is designed to pull contact information from both the Gmail account associated with the phone as well as any other contact lists which are synced to the phone, including 3rd party mail applications, corporate email accounts, etc. It’s likely that another account which is synced to your phone which has a separate contact list from the Gmail account.

      • Jieffe permalink

        I use only Gmail and i can’t find where this contact provides. I haven’t any contact in my phone, on the SIM card.
        I don’t understand.
        I looked all my profils softwares (Facebook, Twitter,…), nothing!
        When i bought my Samsung Galaxy S, this old phone number was my phone number at that time. Any idea?

      • There are two possibilities:

        Have you checked the Google Account profile you use for the phone? Google Dashboard Sometimes it has account information and contacts which aren’t specifically Gmail contacts.

        However, Sign does keep the database information on the SD Card. It could be that when you changed phones that the database information hasn’t updated. You can reset this by deleting that file; however, you will lose your previously assigned Signs. To do this, use a file manager (Astro is free) and go to /sdcard/ and look for a folder called com.simplyapplied.sign. In that folder you will see a file called DialGestures. You can longpress on that file to delete it by selecting delete or edit>delete. After deleting the file, you can exit back to the homescreen. The next time you enter a Sign, it will regenerate this database file.

        Let us know if either of those resolves the issue. If not, we’re happy to look into it further. Thanks!

      • Jieffe permalink

        I’m sorry, i just find the issue!
        On my phone, i didn’t change “My Profil” in Gmail contacts options.
        Thanks for your help and spend a good sunday.

      • Great! Glad the problem is fixed! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other issues or suggestions for improvement.


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