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Update to CritiCall – Version 2.3

June 2, 2012

CritiCall version 2.3 is now available in the Google Play Store.

We recently updated CritiCall and added the ability to set custom ringtones and text notifications. We also added a backup/restore option in the settings as well as fixed several bugs.

Please note that recent changes to Handcent, GoSMS and other 3rd party messaging apps may prevent CritiCall from properly working for texts. If CritiCall isn’t properly working for text notifications, please email us at so we can help you get it working again. We are working on a permanent fix for this issue.

Download the latest version of CritiCall and Sign by clicking or scanning the QR code below.




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  1. Zsolt Horvath permalink

    I’ve dowloaded CritiCall and I think it’s a great app. Today’s morning I should upgrade the trial version but I can’t. Play Store can’t find another version and sent me an error message. How can I upgrade to paid version? Thank you!

    • Zsolt:

      Thanks for the message. We just released a new version and have had a few reported bugs that we are in the process of fixing now. I would not suggest updating to the new version until these issues are worked out; however, if you will please email us at I can provide a link to download the previous version for free.

      Thank you,

      Simply Applied

  2. Ben permalink

    Setting CritiCall to “Off” does NOTHING as of this new version. I was in a meeting this morning and one of my critical contacts called and even though it was OFF the call rang through. Please advise.

    • Ben:

      I apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for letting us know about the issue. We are aware of several bugs with this newest version and we are working quickly to resolve the issues. Please email us at and we will provide a link to install the previous version of CritiCall which you can use until we are able to update the new version and fix the bugs. Additionally, we could use some additional information from you regarding the issue which will help us identify the problem faster. Thank you very much.


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