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Simply Applied develops mobile apps (applications) for Android and other mobile platforms. Simply Applied’s apps are designed to focus on a simple user experience while performing tasks which make your life easier.

Simple, Applied.

  1. Jonathan Stomberger permalink

    I have been looking for a better dialer and a gesture based one would be killer. Good luck with developing it and let me know if you need any beta testers. Always willing to assist a good development shop.

    Best Regards. Jonathan

    • Jonathan:

      We do need some beta testers, so we’ll let you know when its ready – should be very soon. Thanks for your help!


    • Peter permalink

      If you are following this thread Jonathan, we can send you a beta version if you are still interested.

  2. Bojan permalink

    Downloaded the lite version. But I cant fing the full version on the Market. Please help me.

    • Thanks for your interest in Sign. We have sent you a paypal request. Once we receive payment we will send you the apk and instructions for installation. Thank you.

  3. B.K. permalink

    It could be useful to be able to import one drawing sign from a contact to another. That way if I draw the letter R, for example, all the contacts beginning with R would come up in the list of found contacts. Right now it’s virtually impossible to draw the same pattern twice or more.

    • BK:

      Thanks for the comments and suggestion. Actually, I think the exact functionality you are looking for is in Google’s Gesture Search, which is a free download in the market. Sign is designed to allow you to assign any gesture you want to any contact and then initiate the call or text when you enter that gesture. Sorry you are having issues with the recognition not working consistently. We’d definitely be interested in getting more information from you to help us improve that. Also, our next update will add a couple new features which will improve the recognition, so hopefully that makes it work more consistently for you.

      Thanks again and please let us know if you have any other suggestions or comments.



      • B.K. permalink

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        I think what makes this application more attractive to people than gesture search is the fact that it’s dialing-oriented and one gesture could make a phone call quickly without going through so many clicks.
        I still like this app with what it’s offering. I know it’s not easy to satisfy everyone but if you want to hear my suggestions they would be the following (or at least the idea of it):

        – as mentioned before, giving the option to import a drawing sign from one contact to another. This is to make sure the patterns are 100% identical.
        – in the settings, having an option (like a check box) for when a multiple match is found you get a list of contacts to choose from.
        What I’m doing right now is to associate R to Robyn and Ricky and but since the patterns are never the same the results are inconsistent. And that is why I think being able to copy the pattern from one contact to another could solve this.

        I think this would be very useful when you have more than a dozen important/key contacts, which makes it hard to remember the given sign for each.

        Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. I echo BK’s comment that I would like to have all my “S” contacts come up with the same gesture. I too find the results are inconsistent right now. If you have provided a way to use the same gesture for multiple contacts (that is, copy an existing gesture to a new contact), please tell me how to do so — I can’t see it in the app.

    • Keith:

      The difficulty in including a feature like this is that it replicates the Google Gesture Search application. While Sign actually initiates an action (currently calls or texts) for a specified contact, Gesture Search searches your device for that particular, pre-programmed letter or number. If we allow a specific Sign to access multiple contacts then it can’t initiate the call/text option without additional user input. As a speed dial (and text) application, we are attempting to remove steps in that process to make Sign the fastest speed dial option available.

      That being said, I could see a search functionality being included within the application. We are already investigating and working on making Sign open other applications, and with the Dynamic Sign Recognition, it would be easier to implement a search functionality so that if you start drawing the Sign in a particular location, it searches your phone instead of initiating an action. While we can’t promise that this functionality will be added in the very near future, we’ll talk it over with the programmer and see how difficult it would be to implement that functionality.

      Thanks for the great suggestion and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.



  5. P.S. I love the app and bought the paid version within minutes of trying the lite version. Keep up the good work!!

    • Keith:

      Glad you like Sign! We’ve just release our most recent update with Dynamic Sign Recognition which determines whether you want to call or send a text to a contact based on where you START drawing your Sign. Don’t worry about crossing the line, the only thing that matters is where you start it. We’re also in the process of adding some additional features including allowing Sign to open up other applications and shortcuts. We’re always looking for suggestions, so if you have any features you would like to see added, please let us know.



  6. vinayaka permalink

    Good and nice application this application will save time simply it’s osme

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